Geraardsbergen (Belgium

Geraardsbergen, known for the 'Wall of Geraardsbergen', many cyclists climb this famous hill with their bikes. This Flemish municipality is located in the Dender region and the Flemish Ardennes, province of East Flanders, district of Aalst. Geraardsbergen is one of the oldest cities in Belgium located next to the Hunnegem fortresses. In 1063 this community was one of the first to receive the status of a city in Western Europe. In 1381, however, the city was destroyed by Walter IV of Enghien and his troops. These events are commemorated on an annual basis with the Carnival throw on the Oudenberg hill. The famous Geraardsbergse Mattentaarten are made here in the manner of a centuries-old recipe.
Coordinates: 50°46′N 03°52′E
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Abbey of Geraardsbergen (Belgium) 08 tumb

Abby of Geraardsbergen (Belgium)